2021 Tour Dates

May: 1,2,15,16

June: 12,13,26,27

July: 3,4,17,18

August: 7,8,21,28

September: 4,5,18,19

October: 2,3,16,17,30,31

*contact us if you want to book a private tour for a specific date (parties of 5 or more)

We would like to show our support for active duty military and law enforcement by offering a 10% discount.  Contact us prior to booking so we can send you the coupon code.

Additionally, if anyone would like to "pay it forward" by contributing a few dollars, we will apply that to a future military/police booking.  If enough is received, we could have some riding free!  Click the PayPal donation button below.

US Military and Police 10% Off